2 + 2 Programs

Articulation Agreement (2+2)

An articulation agreement (also called a 2+2 program) is an outline of course requirements at Ivy Tech and IUPUI. These agreements are ideal for students who are completing their associate degree at Ivy Tech and wish to continue toward their bachelor’s degree at IUPUI.

Unless otherwise noted, Ivy Tech students are eligible for admission with junior standing to IUPUI provided:

  • The student has submitted a complete application for admission to IUPUI.
  • A course grade of C or better must be earned to be accepted for transfer. Some programs or courses may require higher than a C average or grade.
  • The student has a 2.0 or higher grade point average on a 4-point scale.
  • Students must consult with their academic advisor to determine catalog and/or bulletin year requirement term. 

2+2 agreements with Ivy Tech: impact of IUPUI’s realignment

  1. Students entering Ivy Tech in fall 2022 or spring 2023. For students beginning at Ivy Tech in fall 2022/spring 2023 and working toward existing 2+2 agreements in programs that will be under Purdue management starting in fall 2024, your coursework will remain as planned, and you will be allowed to continue completing your Purdue degree in Indianapolis, just as is the case with students beginning at IUPUI in fall 2022 in these same bachelor’s programs. Please note, however, that you will need to be fully admitted to Purdue Indy by July 1, 2024, for these Purdue-aligned articulations to be honored. If you are pursuing an existing 2+2 agreement with programs that will continue as IU programs, there are no special deadlines or parameters associated with the realignment of IUPUI’s campus. These agreements will all be honored as part of the new IU Indianapolis campus.
  2. Students entering Ivy Tech in summer 2023 or later. For students beginning at Ivy Tech in summer 2023 or later, there will be a refined listing of IU Indianapolis 2+2 programs available for you, which will not include the programs that are coming under Purdue management as of fall 2024. It is expected that Purdue programs in Indianapolis will also have a 2+2 program list for students anticipating to join in fall 2024 and beyond.

Programs moving under Purdue management beginning fall 2024 are noted below.

Transfer to IUPUI via the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement

The Guaranteed Admissions Agreement brings you peace of mind by providing qualified students in specific programs at Ivy Tech guaranteed admission into the related bachelor's degree program at IUPUI. 

*Some 2+2 programs are approved for guaranteed admission—those marked with an asterisk (*) qualify!

For more details on the Guaranteed Admission Agreement including eligibility requirements, connect with Undergraduate Admissions.

2+2 articulation agreements

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