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We’re new! And we’re still developing. In July 2020, the Degree Completion Office, Passport Office, and Transfer Student Services merged to become your one-stop shop: the Center for Transfer and Adult Students.

I'll feel like I can do anything, like all the hard work will pay off for me eventually career-wise.

Luis Muela, Visual Communication Design

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Statement on racism by Dean Jay Gladden

Racism is in direct and deep conflict with the fundamental work we do as a division and as an institution. Yet, systemic racism continues to present significant obstacles to the success of our students, staff, and faculty of color.

As a division, we must wholly and vehemently condemn racism. Individual and structural racism have no place in our community.

Words and statements alone will not do, however. Each of us must commit ourselves to anti-racist work. We must identify and eradicate racism where it exists. This is a process, and it requires us to understand the issues at hand, to challenge oppressive and unjust forces, and to restore justice where our work has faltered.  

Anti-racism work cannot exist solely in one meeting, as an agenda item, or through an annual retreat. It must be embedded in everything we do, from our programs and services to our policies and processes. As a division, we resolve to dismantle racism within all aspects of our division, university, and society.