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 Bloomington, Columbus, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Lake County, Lawrenceburg, Muncie, Richmond, Sellersburg, South Bend/Elkhart, Valparaiso

The following suggested sequence includes all course requirements for this degree. You must consult with an academic advisor to determine which electives best meet your career goals.  

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Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course numberCourse name Credit hours 
IVYT 111Student Success in University Transfer1
ENGL 111English Composition3
SCIN 100Earth Science4
EDUC 101Introduction to Teaching3
MATH 211Calculus I4
Semester hours: 15

Course number  Course name Credit hours
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
MATH 212General Chemistry II5
EDUC 121Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Choose one of the following:
ARTH 110Child & Adolescent Development3
HUMA 118Music Appreciation3
Choose one of the following:
HIST 101US History I3
HIST 102US History II3
Semester total: 16 

Course number Course name Credit hours
ENGL 215Molecular Biology 3
EDUC 255Multicultural Teaching3
MATH 251General Calculus3
MATH 261Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing4
XXX XXXXScientific Ways of Knowing3-5
Semester total: 16

Course number Course name Credit hours 
XXX XXXXSocial and Behavioral Ways of Knowing3
MATH 264Differential Equations3
MATH 265Linear Algebra3
EDUC 250Educational Psychology3
EDUC 201Technology in Education2
Semester total: 14 Total hours: 61
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