Paralegal Studies | Spring 2018-Present

College-wide curricula of record

The AAS in Paralegal Studies curriculum at Ivy Tech is valid in the following locations:

Bloomington - Evansville - Indianapolis - Kokomo - Lafayette - Muncie - Sellersburg - South Bend - Valparaiso

Ivy Tech curriculum details

  • Students need to earn the Statewide Transfer Gen Ed Core Certificate (STGEC) or the Indiana College Core for MATH123 to apply to their IUPUI degree. If the student is not going to complete the STGEC or the Indiana College Core, the student should complete MATH135 or MATH136.
  • COMM 101 is required for the OLS major.
  • Agreement applies to courses taken at Ivy Tech beginning fall 2016. Courses covered by previous transfer agreements still in effect will transfer as specified in those agreements. All other coursework taken prior to fall 2016 will be evaluated by the faculty of IUPUI to determine transferability.

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course numberCourse name Credit hours 
ENGL 111English Composition3
IVYT 116Student Success in Public Services1
*MATH 123Quantitative Reasoning (Finite Math or higher)3
LEGS 101Introduction to Paralegal Studies3
LEGS 170Legal Ethics3
XXXX XXXLife/Physical Sciences Elective 3-5
Semester total: 16-18

Course number Course name Credit hours 
LEGS 102Legal Research3
LEGS 103Civil Procedures3
PARA 155Law Office Technology and Administration3
PARA 204/124Legal Writing I3
  PARA XXXParalegal Studies Statewide Elective3
Semester total: 15

Course number Course name Credit hours 
PARA 107Contracts and Commercial Law3
LEGS 202Litigation3
PARA 205Business Associations3
PARA 224Legal Writing II3
XXXX XXXHumanities Elective3
Semester total: 15

Course number Course name Credit hours
 ^PARA 279Paralegal Studies Capstone Course2
PARA XXXParalegal Studies Statewide Elective3
PARA XXXParalegal Studies Statewide Elective3
ENGL 112 or  ENGL 211Exposition and Persuasion or Technical Writing3
**COMM 101 or 102Fund of Public Speaking or Intro to Interpersonal Comm3
Semester total: 14

IUPUI curriculum details

  • If COMM 101 was not taken at Ivy Tech, it will be added to the remaining course requirements at IUPUI.