Health Information Technology | Fall 2019

College-wide curricula of record

The AAS in Health Information Technology curriculum at Ivy Tech is valid in the following locations:

Fort Wayne - Indianapolis 

Ivy Tech curriculum details

  • COMM 102 is transferable toward the BS in HIM, however, COMM 101 will also be required. 
  • Math 123 is transferable as a general elective credit to the IUPUI BS in Health Information Management degree; however, finite math or higher will be required at IUPUI if it is not completed at Ivy Tech

Symbol Key

^ = Capstone Course

# = prerequisite to enter HIT program

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course number Course name Credit hours
#APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I3
#CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers3
#COMM 101 -OR- COMM 102 Fundamentals of Public Speaking -OR- Intrapersonal Communication 3
#ENGL 111English Composition3
#HLHS 101Medical Terminology3
IVYT 112Student Success in Healthcare1
Semester total: 16

Course number Course name Credit hours
HIMT 101Introduction to Health Information Technology2
HIMT 102Health Data content and Structure2
APHY 102Anatomy & Physiology II3
HIMT 104Health Information and the Law2
HIMT 106Healthcare Informatics3
Semester total: 12

Course number Course name Credit hours
INFM 109Informatics Fundamentals3
HIMT 210Pathophysiology and Pharmacology3
HIMT 200Basic ICD Coding2
Semester total: 8

Course number Course name Credit hours
HIMT 201Reimbursement Systems3
HIMT 203Advanced ICD Coding3
HIMT 207Health Information Externship I1
*MATH 123Quantitative Reasoning or Higher3
Choose one of the following:
PHIL 102Introduction to Ethics3
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
SOCI 111Introduction to Sociology3
Semester total: 13

Course number Course name Credit hours
HIMT 202Healthcare Data Literacy and Statistics2
HIMT 204Quality Assessment and Improvement2
^HIMT 205Organization and Supervision3
HIMT 208Health Information Externship II1
HIMT 213CPT Coding3
Semester total: 11
Total hours: 60

IUPUI curriculum details

  • Minimum of 64 Community College credits may be applied toward the IUPUI degree.
  • Students who graduate from the HIT-AAS degree at Ivy Tech must earn their RHIT credential. Upon completion of the HIT-AAS and RHIT credential, students must complete all courses outlined in IUPUI’s curriculum to earn their HIM-BS degree from IUPUI and may take the RHIA exam.
  • If general education requirements have not been completed (including college-level Math), additional courses may be required to complete the degree.