Cybersecurity | Fall 2020-Present

College-wide curricula of record

The Associate of Science in Cybersecurity/Information Assurance at Ivy Tech is valid at the following locations:
Bloomington—Columbus—Evansville—Fort Wayne—Indianapolis—Kokomo—Marion—Richmond—Sellersburg—South Bend/Elkhart—Terre Haute—Wabash—Warsaw—Valparaiso

Ivy Tech curriculum details

Symbol Key

^ = Capstone course

= Required for Transfer General Education Core (TGEC) Certificate. The TGEC Certificate requirements for this degree require a minimum of 30 credits and a minimum of one course from six areas of study. The number of TGEC elective course credits shown above may vary based on required TGEC course credits earned, area of study, and the student's Individual Academic Plan. The remaining degree requirements provide a mechanism for the students to obtain the required minimum 60 credits to graduate with the appropriate associate-level transfer degree.

& = Required for Transfer General Education Core Certificate

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course number Course name Credit hours
*ENGL 111English Composition3
INFM 109Informatics Fundamentals3
*COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking (SL, Required)3
IVYT 111Student Success in University Transfer1
SDEV 120Computer Logic3
Choose 4 credits from the following:
ITSP 135Hardware/Software Support4
ITSP 132IT Support Essentials I2
ITSP 134IT Support Essentials II2
Total semester credit hours: 17
Course number Course name Credit hours
*XXXX XXXSocial and Behavioral Ways of knowing Elective3–4
*MATH 136College Algebra 3
NETI 109Network Fundamentals3
*XXXX XXXScientific Ways of Knowing Elective3
SDEV 140Introduction of Software Management (Transfer Cluster Elective)3
Total semester credit hours: 15
Course number Course name Credit hours
CSIA 105Introduction to Cybersecurity/Information Assurance3
*PHIL 102Introduction to Ethics (Satisfies Arts & Humanities Elective)3
&*MATH 137Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry 3
*XXXX XXXScientific Ways of Knowing Elective3–5
*XXXX XXXSocial and Behavioral Ways of Knowing Elective 3
Total semester credit hours: 15
Course number Course name Credit hours
CSIA 210Network Protocol Analysis3
^CPIN 279Computing and Informatics Exploration and Evaluation1
SDEV 153Web Site Development (Transfer Cluster Elective)3
CPIN 239Systems Analytics and Design (Transfer Cluster Elective)3
*MATH 221Calculus for Technology I (Satisfies Transfer General Education Core 
(TGEC) Elective)
Total semester credit hours: 13
Total credit hours:  60

IUPUI curriculum details

  1. A maximum of 64 community college credits may be applied toward the IUPUI degree.
  2. 120 credits are required to earn the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.
  3. A fall program start at IUPUI is recommended due to four courses that are only offered in the spring or fall terms.

* = Denotes courses that are part of the Information Security Concentration.
& = CIT 41500 and CIT 43100 are only offered in the fall semester.
^ = CIT 42000 and CIT 46000 are only offered in the spring semester.