Informatics | Fall 2015

College-wide curricula of record

The AS in Informatics curriculum at Ivy Tech is valid in the following locations:

Anderson - Bloomington - Columbus - East Chicago - Elkhart - Evansville - Fort Wayne - Gary - Indianapolis - Kokomo - Lafayette - Lawrenceburg - Logansport - Madison - Marion - Michigan City - Muncie - Richmond - Sellersburg - South Bend - Terre Haute - Valparaiso - Warsaw

Ivy Tech curriculum details

  • MATH 136 and 137 should be completed in the associate degree at Ivy Tech. MATH 118, MATH 123, and MATH 135 are not appropriate selections to satisfy the Mathematics requirement.
  • Agreement applies to courses taken at Ivy Tech beginning fall 2015. Courses covered by previous transfer agreements still in effect will transfer as specified in those agreements. All other coursework taken prior to fall 2015 will be evaluated by the faculty of IUPUI to determine transferability.

Symbol Key

= Capstone course

A = Required for Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) Certificate

P = Required for Transfer General Education Core Certificate; MATH 118, Concepts in Mathematics; MATH 123, Quantitative Reasoning and MATH 135, Finite Mathematics are not appropriate selections to satisfy the mathematics requirement. 

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course number Course name Credit hours
DBMS 110Database Design and Management 3
AENGL 111English Composition 3
INFM 109Informatics Fundamentals 3
IVYT 111Student Success in University Transfer 1
AMATH 136College Algebra or Higher3
AXXXX XXXTransfer General Education Core (TGEC) Elective3
Semester total: 16

Course number Course name Credit hours
ITSP 135Hardware / Software Support4
SDEV 120Computer Logic 3
AXXXX XXXSocial and Behavioral Ways of Knowing Elective3-4
AXXXX XXXSpeaking and Listening Elective3
PMATH 137Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry3
Semester total: 16-17

Course number Course nameCredit hours
NETI 105Network Fundamentals3
SDEV 140Introduction to Software Development 3
SDEV 153Web Site Development 3
AXXXX XXXHumanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing Elective3-4
AXXXX XXXScientific Ways of Knowing3-5
Semester total: 15-18

Course number Course name Credit hours
CPIN 239Systems Analysis and Design3
^CPIN 279Computing and Informatics Exploration and Evaluation1
CSIA 105Introduction to Cyber Security/Information Assurance3
AXXXX XXXScientific Ways of Knowing Elective3-5
AXXXX XXXTransfer General Education Core (TGEC) Elective3
Semester total: 13-15
Total hours: 60

Your last two years at IUPUI

Course number Course name Credit hours
CIT 22000Quantitative Analysis II3
20000 ProgrammingCIT 21500, 24200, OR 270003
CIT 20700Data Communications 3
CIT 21400Intro to Data Management 3
OLS 25200Human Behavior in Organizations3
Semester total: 15

Course number Course name Credit hours
CIT 32000Quantitative Analysis III3
Concentration Concentration 13
ConcentrationConcentration 23
CIT 37300Visual Design for Software3
OLS 26300Ethical Decisions in Leadership3
Semester total: 15

Course number Course name Credit hours
RISECIT 48500 OR Internship3
Concentration Concentration 33
Concentration Concentration 43
Concentration Concentration 53
OLS 37100Project Management3
Semester total: 15

Course number Course name Credit hours
Concentration Concentration 63
Concentration Concentration 73
RISE ElectiveAny 300/400 level RISE course3
Elective Any 300/400 level college course3
TCM SelectAny TCM 300/400 level course3
Semester total: 15
Total hours: 60