Computer Engineering | Fall 2019-Present

College-wide curricula of record

The AS in Engineering curriculum at Ivy Tech is valid in the following locations:

Columbus - Evansville - Fort Wayne - Indianapolis - Lafayette - South Bend / Elkhart - Valparaiso

Ivy Tech curriculum details

  • Math 213 must be completed at Ivy Tech starting courses at IUPUI in semester 5
  • The chemisty requirement may be taken in summer between semester 2 and 3 or after semester 4, but MUST be completed at Ivy Tech or IUPUI before starting courses at IUPUI in semester 5. Either Ivy Tech CHEM 105 or IUPUI CHEM-C 105 will fulfill this requirement.

Symbol key

* = required for STGEC Certificate

= Capstone Course

~ = Not required to earn Ivy Tech associate degree, but required for IUPUI transfer