Biotechnology Agreement | Fall 2018-Present

College-wide curricula of record

The AS in Biotechnology curriculum at Ivy Tech is valid in the following locations:

Bloomington - Indianapolis - Lafayette - South Bend/Elkhart - Terre Haute

Ivy Tech curriculum details

  • Total hours to earn A.S. in Biotechnology: 62-63 (64 transferrable to IUPUI).

Symbol Key

^ = Capstone course

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course numberCourse nameCredit hours
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
ENGL 111English Composition3
IVYT 111Student Success in University Transfer1
MATH 136College Algebra3
BIOL 105Biology I- Molecular and Cellular Processes5
Semester total: 15

Course numberCourse nameCredit hours
CHEM 105General Chemistry I5
MATH 137Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry3
XXXX XXXTransfer Cluster Elective (choose BIOL 107)5
XXXX XXXTransfer General Education Core (TGEC) Elective3
Semester total: 16

Course numberCourse nameCredit hours
CHEM 106General Chemistry II5
XXXX XXXTransfer Cluster Elective (Choose Foreign Language Part 1)4
PHYS 101Transfer Cluster Elective (Choose Physics I)4
XXXX XXXHumanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing Elective3
Semester total: 16

Course numberCourse nameCredit hours
BIOT 220 BIOT 220 Molecular Biology Lectures 3
^BIOT 279Capstone in Biotechnology1
PHYS 102Transfer Cluster Elective (Choose Physics II)4
XXXX XXXSocial and Behavioral Ways of Knowing Elective3
XXXX XXXTransfer Cluster Elective (Choose foreign language Part II)3-4
Semester total: 15 (12 transferrable to IUPUI)
Total hours: 62-63

IUPUI curriculum details

  • 120 credits are required for the Biology BA
  • 64 maximum transferable credits from ITCC
  • 32 credits at 300+ level are required for IUPUI

Symbol keys

= CSCI options – N200, N201, N207, N211 or could select 300-level for 32 credits (consult with advisor)

~ = 4 BIOL-K 300-level labs required; selected to match lectures (consult with advisor)