Make a successful transition to IUPUI

We want all transfer and adult students to experience a smooth start at IUPUI. There’s a lot to learn about life as a Jaguar: orientation helps you get all that information, build relationships, and develop confidence in your ability to succeed.

We serve a diverse population of students, from those who are transferring to IUPUI with over 100 credits to those who have never attended college before and are coming to us as adult students. Our students’ lives are unique, and our orientation services are tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Orientation for transfer students

Whether you’re transferring from another IU campus, Ivy Tech, or an entirely different college or orientation, the Transition Orientation experience is for you. Transition Orientation includes a series of online modules to learn about IUPUI, read through your Transfer Credit Report, and find advising resources. You’ll also participate in a live, virtual orientation session and register for classes. As soon as you have accepted your admission offer, sign up for your Transition Orientation experience.

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IU Online orientation

If you’re an IU Online student, we have an onboarding course specifically for you! The Online Student Onboarding course will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful as an online student at Indiana University. We’ll cover topics such as academics, financial aid, career development, and more. This is a course in Expand, an online platform we use for learning.

If you are a prospective student, you can still view the course to get an idea of what to expect as an online student at IU. When you click Log In or Sign Up on the course page, you will be taken to the IU Expand log-in page. Beneath the log-in button, look for the link to create an IU guest account.

After you enroll, it may take up to 24 hours before your account is active in the system.

Enroll in Online Student Orientation

Please note, this is specifically for IU Online students, not IUPUI students enrolled in online courses. Learn more about IU Online.

Two IUPUI students looking at a computer.

Orientation for adult students

As an adult student, you’re invited to participate in New Student Orientation. This orientation is designed to help you learn about IUPUI and make connections. You’ll sign up for classes and connect with resources that will help you during your time as a student. Sign up after you’ve accepted your offer of admission to IUPUI.

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Connect via Canvas

All admitted and current IUPUI students who are served by the Center for Transfer and Adult Students are welcome to join our Canvas site. This site contains a list of campus resources, shares news and events, and also announces activities specifically created for the Center’s students. To join this useful Canvas site, email our Career Consultant, Janice Bankert-Countryman, at jbanco@iupui.edu or email ctas@iupui.edu.